Presentation Types


Take the stage and present to the audience in a 30-minute speaking session.


Be part of a discussion amongst a panel of 3+ fellow industry professionals.


Visually showcase your research or services in the conference foyer.

Conference Topics

For the individual and families

Reducing the stigma

Identifying stress, trauma, anger, depression, anxiety, suicide

Living alongside the job

Building resilience

Taking action

Treatment and support options

Improving mental health of first responders

Treating PTSD

Surviving the job

Life after the job

Job opportunities post serving

Lived experience

For the organisation

Supporting colleagues

Mentally healthy workplaces and workforces

Developing better practices in the workplace

Promoting a mentally healthy workplace / building a strong culture

Legal responsibility of providing a mentally safe and healthy workplace

Preventative measures and supportive interventions

Developing and updating organisational guidelines

Mental health strategies / risk management strategies

Investing in and implementing mental health plans

Reducing workplace stressors – excessive workload, inadequate support, bullying, poor communication

Confidentially of workers

Return to work plans